I'm a native (3rd Generation!) of Phoenix, AZ. I've lived here my whole life, and although I love to travel and slowly I'm seeing new parts of the world, I really do love Phoenix and I don't plan on leaving. Where else can you get prickly pear flavored EVERYTHING and perfect hiking weather 85% of the year? 

I spend most of my time dancing professionally with Center Dance Ensemble (the resident modern dance company at The Herberger Theater), practicing yoga on and off the mat, figuring out budget-friendly DIY's, and learning as much as I can about anything and everything. I have 37 blogs bookmarked and organized on my computer, I listen to 12 different podcasts regularly, I read at least one book per month, and I have a running list of things to research, which I add to when a new idea or question pops into my head. I guess that's what makes blogging so appealing to me; It's a way to compile my favorite ideas.

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